Movie Munchers


Movie Munchers meet monthly on a date to fit in with current showtimes of movie of interest.  We aim for the 1st Wednesday of month when possible or on a date arranged by the group.
We meet at Croydon Cinemas inside upstairs about 20 mins before commencement time. (usually the 10.30am session). No need for reservations but with 25 mins of ads and previews, tickets can be purchased and seats can be saved for late arrivals.

Convenor Rosalie Ireland contacts members by text or email and appreciates expressions of interest in suitable movies and intentions to attend.

Rosalie Ireland   0407354947



Movie Munchers will enjoy “Ride Like a Girl” and “Judy” in the next few weeks on dates to be advised as November 6th is in Cup Week..

New members / attendees would be most welcome.

Please contact Convenor Rosalie Ireland

Convenor: Rosalie Ireland  0408 354 947