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We are in unprecedented times.  Coronavirus has stopped our meetings and many activities. 

If you would like to leave a message for your Probus Friends, you can do it here.  Let us know how you and your family are going.

Please Note: Messages might not appear for 24 hours as they will be moderated.

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  1. Hi everyone

    Tough times as we all get used to less social contact, closed businesses and of course many people out of work. Hope you are all well. Ginny and I are well and keeping away from friends and family. Technology getting a work out particularly FaceTime (Apple app) and Skype. Had drinks tonight with friends via FaceTime.
    Let us know how you are going.
    Cheers Col

  2. There are no weeds left, no jigsaws left…so I am making paper planes. The “dart” flew 4.5m. Anyone up for a challenge?
    Stay safe and well please friends

  3. Beautiful day at Rye. Pity I am just cutting down old dead limbs from dead trees.
    Cheers Col

  4. Very excired! Managed to watch Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph on my (bigger) TV screen via the laptop! If I remember how I didnit I’ll put it in Clocking On. Noelle H

  5. Good afternoon everyone! During these cool afternoons, I have been cooking! I started last week and cooked a few dishes to give away. to a few ‘single’ neighbours. This week I have done the favourite Lettuce and tree pea soup, Roghn Gosh Lamb shanks and yesterday meat balls and pasta. Simple meals and freeze the left overs for another day. Sorry I cannot invite anyone over, Want the recipe– just let me know, Cheers, Viv

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