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  1. Col,
    This is very impressive!!! I’m so pleased the committee were very receptive to the idea!!!

  2. Must say this is very good , what will you achieve with 2 hands working.

  3. Well done Col, I think it’s a great tool for the club members to use, and also for the general public to find out information about our club.

  4. Hi Col, At last, I think this time you may be lucky in getting the Website off the ground. A wonderful job and we are so lucky to have someone take the time and effort in working so hard for our club. Much appreciated. Thank you

  5. This looks terrific and I congratulate you on your efforts and your foresight. I am sure it will be a great addition to the Club.

    • Yes Col it looks great. Very comprehensive and would be excellent reference for members as well as prospective members.

  6. A very welcome addition to the Probus Club and I’m sure that many, many members now and in the future will welcome the idea of this website. Congratulations, I know it has been a great deal of work and dedication to get it to this stage.

  7. Splendid. I look forward to the finished site after this great start. Graham.

  8. The site is looking fantastic! You’re doing a great job and we’re lost in admiration.

  9. Col – a great job – must have taken you hours! This Club is so fortunate to have members of such high calibre to acheive such great results.

  10. Thank you Col, a great job, very clearly set out and attractive – we are very impressed. The photos included really add to the impression of action and enjoyment. Thank you again

  11. Looks great Mr Gates. Errr sorry, Col, ; >)

    Very professional and easy to navigate.
    The ‘Profile’ section is v good.

    I can see lots of potential for other things.
    Joke of the month, favourite recipes, latest film critiques etc. Or am I jumping ahead?

    Cheers and thanks
    Jenny D

  12. Much better response times now as you navigate between pages. This is a terrific addition to our Club resources.

  13. What an excelent Web site, well done to all
    Ernie Brigham. President East Malvern Combined Probus Club

  14. Col, just fantastic, the site is working very well, easy to navigate, you have done a great job, well done and thank you on behalf of all Club members


  15. Hi everyone

    Tough times as we all get used to less social contact, closed businesses and of course many people out of work. Hope you are all well. Ginny and I are well and keeping away from friends and family. Technology getting a work out particularly FaceTime (Apple app) and Skype. Had drinks tonight with friends via FaceTime.
    Let us know how you are going.
    Cheers Col

  16. There are no weeds left, no jigsaws left…so I am making paper planes. The “dart” flew 4.5m. Anyone up for a challenge?
    Stay safe and well please friends

  17. Beautiful day at Rye. Pity I am just cutting down old dead limbs from dead trees.
    Cheers Col

  18. Very excired! Managed to watch Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph on my (bigger) TV screen via the laptop! If I remember how I didnit I’ll put it in Clocking On. Noelle H