Bev Smithson


When I realised, I wasn’t going to be the next Dame Margot Fonteyn, I very quickly decided to be a Nurse. I was about 10 at that time.

In 1971, after completing my HSC, I started my 3 1?2 year training at RCH. As we had to live in the Nurse’s Home, I had to leave home, which was a bit of a wrench. However, with new friends and old friends and plenty to lead us astray, there were plenty of high jinx and lots of fun to help us de-stress. I was very nai?ve back then but my 6 months adult training at Prince Henry’s soon put paid to that! Jokes that I didn’t get, adult men to wash, and being propositioned by an old man (he was probably only mid 30’s – but old to me ) with cash pushed into my hand, and a suggestion we hook up behind the hospital, as I discharged him!!!! One of the things that we did love to do though, especially to the young cheeky ones, was to put dexsal, and gentian violet or mercurochrome in the metal urinal bottles. Of course, it all fizzed up and when they took you know what out, it was pink or purple! The look on their faces was priceless and a good laugh would be had by all.

I went on to do my Midwifery at Box Hill Hospital, and married Trevor in 1975. Our daughter was born in 1977, followed by a son in 1978 and another son in 1981. We have been totally blessed with 7 grandchildren and another one due in June.

I returned to part time Midwifery practice in 1982 at Lilydale hospital and when it closed, I moved to Knox. So many beautiful babies and memories.

Like you all are probably doing, we are isolating as much as possible, and to our children’s delight – decluttering. It is a bit of role reversal isn’t it? Instead of us telling our kids not to go out, they are saying to us DO NOT GO OUT!

We are really missing our Probarian Community, as we felt we were just getting to know more of you. Hopefully that curve will start to flatten soon, along with some of my extra ones, from cooking and eating too many treats, and we will all be together again in no time.

Stay safe, healthy and positive,

Bev Smithson (Committee member)