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The Gadgets Group continue to have morning coffee together on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Ringwood Club (Melway Page 50 3-4C) at 09:45.

This is an informal gathering for those who have tablets and smart phones, or who are thinking of getting a tablet or smart phone, to share & learn.

The Next Meetings are

  • Please Note: There is no meeting in December
  • Tuesday 28th January

New Members very welcome.  Please contact me if you require more details.

Convenor David Beeley 98703086

Tablet / Phones Experience in the Users Group
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So How Good is a Tablet Camera

You can achieve some very good results from a tablet camera depending upon the model you have and how you use it.

  • Provided you have the tablet camera settings correctly set.
  • If the lighting is good.
  • Using ‘tap to focus’ will help with focus and light.
  • You hold the tablet still you can achieve some very ggod results. 

The photos below are some of the ‘better’ photos from members.  (I have also included a few from an iPhone5 as I don’t have a tablet camera.)

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At our meeting on Tuesday 25th February 2016, Noel Abley asked each person to take a photo on their tablet and then email the photo to Col Pask so they could be placed on the website. Members were then asked to access the wesbite later Tuesday to see their photos.  The slideshow below shows the photos.


Ah! something to photograph with the iPad.


And here is the item of interest:-