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Phishing: ie “fishing” for some more of your details so that  an attempt can be made to scam you by phone, text, internet or email. (Originally these were by phone, hence the ph). These often come in the form of a warning that something bad may happen to your finances, or service you rely on, unless you confirm or provide some information, promptly. NEVER respond directly to these.  Hang up, delete email or text and contact your provider, bank, tax office etc, using you  their commonly available contact details.   Report to

Judy Frederick – Convenor – 0409 356 368, Email:


Safe Passwords

If your password/s are stolen, possible problems can be:

Your email may be accessed

Posts in social media may be made in your name

Goods may be purchased on line in your name

Your bank or other financial accounts may be accessed

There are computer programs which try to guess passwords, using readily available data. eg name, date of birth, street name, pet’s name, common sequences eg 1234 or any dictionary word.

Safety involves using: 

One password per website

A mixture of numbers, letters and symbols

Longer rather than shorter passwords

The first letter of a phrase, using substitutions for letters such as a! for an a, a 3 for an e,  a7 for an r etc

A safe to store passwords or stored unidentified at a friend or relative’s place – not in a drawer at home


Judy Frederick – Convenor 0409 356 368


Tablet / Phones Experience in the Users Group
  • Apple iPads
  • Apple iPhones
  • Android Tablets
  • Android Phones

So How Good is a Tablet Camera

You can achieve some very good results from a tablet camera depending upon the model you have and how you use it.

  • Provided you have the tablet camera settings correctly set.
  • If the lighting is good.
  • Using ‘tap to focus’ will help with focus and light.
  • You hold the tablet still you can achieve some very ggod results. 

The photos below are some of the ‘better’ photos from members.  (I have also included a few from an iPhone5 as I don’t have a tablet camera.)

(Click any image to start ‘LightBox’.  Use arrows below image – or on keyboard – to move forward or back.
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At our meeting on Tuesday 25th February 2016, Noel Abley asked each person to take a photo on their tablet and then email the photo to Col Pask so they could be placed on the website. Members were then asked to access the wesbite later Tuesday to see their photos.  The slideshow below shows the photos.


Ah! something to photograph with the iPad.


And here is the item of interest:-