Craft & Tea

A warm welcome awaits you at our next craft meeting at 1:30pm on Monday the 7th of November at the Bendigo Bank, East Ringwood. 

 Our knitters have been very busy and we have donated:

To KOGO in September.
5 Scarves, 25 Beanies, 3 Headbands, 28 Hand Puppets, 12 Worry Worms, 1 Child’s Jumper, 1 Baby’s Jacket and Hat, 1 Baby Jumper,
3 Children’s Slippers, 2 Blankets, 4 Rabbits, 20 Finger Puppets.

To KOGO in October.
12 Children’s Jumpers, 40 Beanies, 1 
Hand Puppet, 3 Scarves, 2 Rugs.

To Peter Mac. in October.
6 Felt Toys, 3 Knitted toys, 4 Small bags, 1  knitted rabbit, 10 finger puppets.

Thanks to all who have contributed so much of their time.

It was great to see 14 Ladies at our last meeting.

Hope to see you all on the 7th of November.

Beth Graham  / Pam Barton  Convenors.
0491 018 473

A message from Kogo to all our wonderful creative and generous knitters.

Our grateful thanks to Ringwood Clocktower Probus Craft Group (especially Dorothy) for the lovely jumpers and beanies that they so kindly crafted and donated to kogo. We know that the people who receive them will be absolutely thrilled. It gives them an emotional boost to know that someone in the community takes the time and trouble to create such special items to give to people who are suffering hardship.

Our finished garments are distributed through over 300 Community Partner Organisations. These agencies deal with a myriad of people undergoing hardship such as those who are homeless, refugees, children who are at risk, remote indigenous communities, women in refuges and families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Again, thank you so much for being part of our team of wonderful knitters and crocheters and helping us to spread the warmth.