Wine Appreciation

Hello everyone,
After a very productive morning with the Wine Appreciation Committee we have dates for three events this year. They are the 16th April, 4th July and 10 October all of which are evening events.
Our first event will be at Bev and Trevor’s home on the 16th April at 7 pm for a 7:30 start. We will be taste testing and having some education on three red and three white wines. This will be accompanied by cheese platters.
The cost of this event will be between $5.00-$10.00, depending on the number of people who attend. The number of attendees will be capped at 30.
As we will need to know how much food to prepare and wine to buy, we would like firm numbers by 27th March.
Our address is 32 Yarra Valley Blvd, Chirnside Park.
Carpooling would be great if you can organise it.
To confirm your attendance please email Bev and Trevor at

Looking forward to an enjoyable start to this new initiative of our wonderful Club.
Trevor and Bev.