Genie Group

Genie Group (Genealogy)

If you would like to explore a branch of your family or find more information about people on an existing family tree, you might like to join the Genie Group. At the Glenn Frost Room at Croydon Library, (Melway Page 50 5K) we have free access to programs such as Ancestry and Findmypast, which contain lots of information that was not available even 10 years ago.

New members are always welcome to come along for some assistance, share your family stories and enjoy afternoon tea and a chat.

 The next meetings will be:

  • 1.30pm on January 16th

Happy New Year to all.  We welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about their Family History to join us at Genie Group. 

The first meeting for 2020 will be at 1.30pm on January 16th at the Glenn Frost Room at Croydon Library. New members are very welcome.

Thanks to Glenda and Ginny who will take on the roles of Convenor and Assistant Convenor after the Annual General Meeting in March.

For more information phone Lyn on 0456090671