Trades & Services


Hello all at Probus,

1    Just a brief update from the Trades and Services Co-ordinator.

The Club’s excel (spreadsheet) listing for Trades and Services is extensive and can assist you to get those jobs around the home done – let me know if you need a list of a few contacts.

But be aware that building and renovation costs are rising rapidly, and good tradies are busy, so plan ahead.

2   I have also been made aware of a range of new SCAMS to be alert to.

  • These include at COLES supermarkets, you can be told to buy gift cards to pay a “debt” or emails to buy them as “staff rewards”

Call the store Manager, or Police or check at, or if related to the ATO call them on 1800 008 540.

  • I have also been alerted to unpaid Telstra and PayPal accounts which are SCAMS.

When you see the country of origin listed on the email as Russia – for the Account that you are being  asked to pay for in Australia, that should be enough to be a warning and raise a red flag for you!

  • There is also a recent local set of SCAMS related to puppies, so please be careful.

If you need further information of SCAMS, I suggest that you refer to the excellent SCAM items now listed the Club Website, and/or refer to the current updates on the

Commonwealth Government site >> “be connected” , or the ACCC – SCAMWATCH site – for more details on SCAMS if you are concerned.

Kind Regards,

 Graeme Roy

Mobile 0409 504 486


Recognising a Scam

Be wary of buyers or sellers who:

  • are offering items at prices much lower than market value
  • ask you to send funds or items overseas
  • will not provide contact details to you after you agree to transact with them
  • ask you to pay via a money transfer service (eg Western Union or MoneyGram).
  • who want to enter your home – do not let them in.

Be wary of emails or phone calls:

  • where you are asked you to update, validate or confirm your account details, password or personal information by replying to the email or visiting a website
  • from a person or sender you do not know
  • that are not specifically addressed to you
  • that promise you some sort of benefit.

Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. They often are!

If you suspect a scam:

  • make no further contact with the seller
  • do not respond with your personal or financial information

If you suspect a phishing email (one that claims to be from a legitimate organisation but isn’t):

  • delete it without replying or clicking on any links (even the ones that say ‘unsubscribe’)
  • give the organisation a call yourself to check if you’re not sure.