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Trades Contacts

  • Just a brief reminder from the Trades and Services Co-ordinator, let me know if you need any contacts for trade jobs..
  • The Clubs excel listing for Trades and Services is extensive and can assist you to get those jobs around the home done.
  • But be aware that building and renovation costs are rising rapidly, and many small home builders are battling to survive at present.
  • Getting a good and reliable tradie is difficult.

Compare Energy

Also, I again remind and encourage you to check out “Compare Energy” on the website – as below – if you are concerned about the high cost of electricity and gas prices.

The $250 Power Saving Bonus for Victorian households is again open. Before submitting an application for the bonus, please read the eligibility requirements.

Eligibility requirements:

  • You must be a Victorian residential energy consumer (i.e. have a residential electricity account).
  • You must be the account holder
  • Only one payment is available per household

As part of the Power Saving Bonus application process, we will present you with information about the best priced electricity offers available in your area. You are not required to switch offers or retailers.

The application process will take five to ten minutes of your time, and you will need to have a recent electricity bill with you.

The Victorian State Government will offer you a one off rebate of $250 between 1 July 2023 and 30 June 2024, by just registering you latest Electricity account with this site.

You can also telephone 1800 161 215 to speak to an Energy Assistance Program advocate.

It will only take a few minutes, and you will need a copy of your most recent electricity account with the NMI number (to confirm you electricity meter) , and your personal details including a bank account to forward the money on to.  This is definitely NOT a SCAM. I have already done it and I know of many others who have also.

If any concerns I am happy to assist.

Graeme Roy  (Contact details in the Club’s contact list and Newsletter)


Recognising a Scam

There is quite a bit of information on SCAMS on this website.  Click here

Be wary of buyers or sellers who:

  • are offering items at prices much lower than market value
  • ask you to send funds or items overseas
  • will not provide contact details to you after you agree to transact with them
  • ask you to pay via a money transfer service (eg Western Union or MoneyGram).
  • who want to enter your home – do not let them in.

Be wary of emails or phone calls:

  • where you are asked you to update, validate or confirm your account details, password or personal information by replying to the email or visiting a website
  • from a person or sender you do not know
  • that are not specifically addressed to you
  • that promise you some sort of benefit.

Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. They often are!

If you suspect a scam:

  • make no further contact with the seller
  • do not respond with your personal or financial information

If you suspect a phishing email (one that claims to be from a legitimate organisation but isn’t):

  • delete it without replying or clicking on any links (even the ones that say ‘unsubscribe’)
  • give the organisation a call yourself to check if you’re not sure.  IMPORTANT : Look up the number – don’t use the contact number in the email.