Missing emails?

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An issue faced by our club is sending out multiple email messages often with attachments.  

Sending more that 20 emails in a single message can have the sending email listed as a spammer meaning all future emails from that email address are not delivered. Consequently our club uses a third party (marketing company) to send out multiple emails.

To prevent unwanted SPAM emails, email providers have algorithms that evaluate every incoming email to determine if it is genuine.  This is a great service but sometimes it means that wanted emails are not received or are tagged as JUNK/SPAM 

Recently we had to change the third party we use and consequently a small number of emails are not making it to their destination.  

Please do the following:

  1. Please check to make sure you are receiving all emails into your email INBOX.
  2. Please check your JUNK and/or SPAM boxes to make sure there are no emails from Ringwood Clocktower.
  3. Please make sure that you received both this newsletter AND the club Minutes sent in two separate emails on Monday 15th Nov.
  4. If you find any problems, the fix might be below,


If you find the club email messages in your JUNK / SPAM folders than the actual steps you need to take will depend on who your email provider is and the app you use to view your emails.

How to Ensure You Always Get Emails From a Sender

Here are a few tips for the most popular email services that should work with just about any service out there:

  • First, add the sender’s email address (in this case  )to your contacts or address book. This tells your email service that you want to receive the sender’s emails.  
  • Second, if a message ends up in spam anyway, go into your email client’s spam folder, and :

right click the message and select ‘not spam‘ or ‘not spam’


select the message you don’t consider spam and click “Not Spam” (or a similarly labeled button.) Your email client will learn about your preferences as you do this.

The following link gives a few other tips for marking messages as legitimate in Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.

Still Having problems after doing the above

If your email provider is other than Gmail, /Hotmail, or Yahoo and messages you want are still going to JUNK  you will need to search for the process for your specific email provider.

In your browser, enter something like

‘how to stop wanted emails going to junk (name of your email provider)’. 
EXAMPLE         how to stop wanted emails going to junk Bigpond

now follow the instructions given.


If emails messages are not being received and you know they have definitely been sent, then it will be necessary to ‘whitelist’ the sending email address. 

‘Whitelist‘ is telling your email provider that you want to receive emails from a specific email address.  i.e

To ‘whitelist’ an email address with your specific email provider you will need to SEARCH how to do this for your email provider

Search for:   ‘how to whitelist email address (your specific email provider)’
EXAMPLE:   how to whitelist email address in Bigpond

follow the instructions for your email provider

Remember the email address you want to whitelist is

Col Pask