Profiles of current members of the Club have been included on the website.  Please keep checking to get to know us as further profiles will be added from time to time.

The first profile is of Marie and Bill Robinson which was written not long after the Club was started.  Bill was the original editor for the Newsletter and is the current Membership Secretary.  Alison and John Wicks are also featured.  John was the President last year and the couple are heavily involved in  Dine-out activities.  Marg and Herb Detez are very active members, with Marg contributing to the photographic displays each year.  Ron and Mabel Greer are well known throughout the Club and many members have called on Ron’s expertise for those pesky little jobs that need doing around the house.  Cathy and Peter Prowse are an inspiring couple whose contribution goes far beyond warning us about shonky tradesmen.

Other profiles will be included shortly, so keep in touch by clicking the sub menu under PROFILES.