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Club AFL Footing Tipping 2021

Welcome to the Ringwood Clocktower AFL Footy Tipping Competition .

  1. To connect directly to the Ringwood Clocktower Football Tipping Click this link
  2. Login with Username and enter a Password if asked – Record User Name and your password
  3. To place Tips:   Go to Tip AFL  in red box.
  4. Select your teams then click SUBMIT.



The Ringwood Clocktower Football Tipping Competition this season was enjoyed by 18 dedicated members, whose participation kept the competition alive. I would like to thank Judith Dungey for stepping in as Footy Tipping administrator while I was away, as without her enthusiasm to maintain the competition it could easily have folded.

Competition Final Ladder

  • Jenny Crosby 134 Points
  • Jude Weatherburn 134 Points
  • Col Pask 131 Points
  • Jo O’Reilly 131 Points

The Prize Pool was $180 with Jenny and Jude sharing 1st and 2nd Prize totaling $150, with Col and Jo sharing 3rd prize of $30.

Jenny is related to John Skeen so she may be a Collingwood supporter and, seeing this is the second year Jenny has been in the top two, I am suspecting she didn’t back Collingwood too often. On the other hand, Jude Weatherburn is a Hawthorn supporter, so I am guessing she didn’t back Hawthorn too often either.

In my case, I remained loyal to my club the Hawks and consequently nearly finished up with the wooden spoon, but we will be back in 2025.

Due to the small number of participants, a Wooden Spoon was not awarded this year but hopefully with more members supporting the competition, next year we can bring it back.

It was a lot of fun for all of us who entered, and it was a welcome distraction to the Covid issues we have been living with this season.

Thank you to all members and their families who entered the competition and hopefully we can encourage more members to enter next year.

Chris Rowell, Football Tipping Administrator