Book Club Thursday



After much thought & consideration for the health of our group I have decided to suspend Thursday Book Club until further notice.
Can you please let me know when you have finished the book and I will contact you for collection.

The Ringwood, Croydon etc. libraries close 20th March at the end of trading and may reopen on 14th April.  Books can be borrowed and no fines for late returns. The afterhours Shute can be used for returns. 

Tough times ahead.  Regards  Russell

The Thursday Book Club meets on the first Thursday of each month, rotating between the home of members.

The selected book is discussed along with other issues arising  and related to the theme of the book  are explored.

Following the discussion a scrumptious afternoon tea is served.

The emphasis of the  Book Club is on literary enjoyment along with social interaction.


Chrissy’s Christmas Celebration

I had heard about the legendary feast at Chrissy’s to celebrate the end of the year and the festive season…..but I was ‘blown away’ be the sumptuous feast Chrissy put on at her home.

Enjoy the photos….and DROOL!!!!

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Russell Oakley