Digital Photography



The group meets the 4th Thursday of every month (except December as it clashes with Xmas) – from 1330-1600hrs.

Our normal meetings are held in the meeting room of the Bendigo Community Bank in Ringwood East.

Next Meeting

  • When:  Thursday 27th September 2018  –  ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS, CRANBOURNE
  • Where: Cnr Bullarto Rd and Botanic Dve, Cranbourne Melway 133 K10
  • What time: It is about 50 minutes from Ringwood. We’ll meet at 10am at the Visitors’ Centre for a coffee before we set off.

This outing is open to all members who would like to try out the Digital Photography group, or just have a day out at Cranbourne. There are so many different climate areas developed – easy to find just the right shots. A ‘Garden Explorer’ mini bus, complete with access ramp, is available for those who don’t want to walk from one spot to another.

Entry is free but it is $8 for the mini bus which is available from about 11.30 on. There are two cafes and several picnic areas, so we can bring lunch or eat in.

Bring a rain coat and umbrella if rain is forecast. It makes for interesting shots. Please give me a ring or text if you are coming, just so I can let them know.

Noelle H. 0430 099 863 or 9735 4227 or


As well as regular meetings at the Bendigo Bank venue we often have day trips to specific photographic locations.  Additionally, as opportunities present, we may invite a guest speaker to address the group.


We have been active since the inception of the Ringwood Clocktower Probus Club Inc. as one of the first convenor led groups.

The objective of the group is to help members begin the process of getting more out of the Digital Photography revolution though understanding their new Digital cameras and begin the process of developing and expanding group knowledge about photography in general.

We have held photographic exhibitions at a number of our birthday celebrations whilst also producing our annual club calendar.

June 2018 Report

Halfway point for the year……… Be Christmas soon, what a happy thought, however there is much for us to smile about;

We still have a variety of outings planned, and our main PDPG activity for the year, our 2019 Edition of our Ringwood Clocktower Calendar, is well on the way due to the great work of Annette and Russell. Just to remind our Calendar Committee that our group will spend the last half hour of our 24th May meeting at the East Ringwood  Community Bank, reviewing progress.

Our Field trip to the Ringwood Lakes, 26th April, with Camera House and Nikon Representatives was a thoroughly interesting evening, when much was shared on the matter of photography in low light conditions. Some of the images of traffic flow and “Painting” with light, were both instructive and enjoyable in their achievement.

We have extended our thanks to Camera House and they are to use some of the images on their Facebook.

Hopefully, our very own Exhibition will be as successful, when we join our Birthday celebrations at York on Lilydale. Many thanks to those who managed to make up a display board for this exhibition..

Trevor has returned from chasing the ‘Norther Lights’ all be it with a painful lesson, ….. don’t walk on ice without crampons fitted to your boots. He has promised to share some of his photos with our group when he returns from his visit, yes another, but this time to Spain.

If there are any new members in our great Ringwood Clocktower Probus Club who would like to join our interest group, please give me a call, and I will be happy to chat.  Happy snapping.


Members’ Photos

Click here to see a selection of photos of Warburton

Click here to see a selection of photos by Don Gathercole

Click here to see a selection of photos by Don Gathercole

Click here to see a selection of photos by John Ballinger

Click here to see a selection of photos by Marg Detez – Melbourne at Night