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The group meets the 4th Thursday of every month (except December as it clashes with Xmas) – from 1330-1600hrs.

Our normal meetings are held in the meeting room of the Bendigo Community Bank in Ringwood East.


As well as regular meetings at the Bendigo Bank venue we often have day trips to specific photographic locations.  Additionally, as opportunities present, we may invite a guest speaker to address the group.


We have been active since the inception of the Ringwood Clocktower Probus Club Inc. as one of the first convenor led groups.

The objective of the group is to help members begin the process of getting more out of the Digital Photography revolution though understanding their new Digital cameras and begin the process of developing and expanding group knowledge about photography in general.

We have held photographic exhibitions at a number of our birthday celebrations whilst also producing our annual club calendar.


Our last meeting was well attended, given the number of Probians who head north at this time of year.

The meeting started with Marg Detez explaining (and showing) how she prepares the welfare cards on behalf of the club. This was much appreciated by the members in attendance.

Several of those in attendance had photos from our recent outing to Eastland to share. There were some very interesting photos. It was agreed that there are some great architectural features of Eastland that you don’t normally see or appreciate from simply walking around while focused on shopping. Trevor then showed some of his interesting photos from Scandinavia.

Keith presented a well-researched and documented paper on memory cards, which we all got a copy of. We learnt about the different features and capacities of memory cards and what to look for when purchasing them.

Our group meets on the fourth Thursday of every month.  The September meeting will be at the Bendigo Bank on Thursday 26th September. Anyone in the club with an interest in photography is most welcome to join our group.

Happy snapping Don Gathercole


Our group meets on the fourth Thursday of every month and we welcome anyone with an interest in taking photos, particularly our newer members.

Our August meeting was a bit of an adventure, as we ventured out into the Redwood Forest, near Warburton. The day started off with coffee and scones at the Riverview Café in Warburton, before travelling in convoy the last seven kilometres to the nearby Forest.
We turned off the main highway to take the road towards Woods Point and then, shortly afterwards, turned off the bitumen to follow the dirt track up to the forest. With all the recent rain however, the dirt track did look more like a creek bed with large potholes and gullies running across the road.

About 300 metres short of the Forest carpark, we were stopped by Parks staff who told us we couldn’t drive much further due to a large sinkhole appearing in the track. We had to park on the side of the muddy and slippery track and walk the last 200 metres. We made it safely and then enjoyed a couple of hours exploring the forest and surrounding area.

The creek at the edge of the forest was running very quickly but this didn’t deter one of our members (who shall remain nameless) from crawling across a tree trunk that had fallen across the creek. Everyone else was standing by with cameras ready to get a shot or video of the big splash but to our amazement, she made it safely back to land.

Returning to our cars, we then helped each other to negotiate the potholes and mud to turn around and return down the track.

We finished the day with a late lunch at the Riverview Café, before returning home. Any enjoyable day had by all.

Our October meeting will be on 24th OCTOBER, where some of our photos from the day will no doubt be shown on the big screen TV. You are welcome to join our group and participate in some of our adventures.
John Ballinger

Members’ Photos

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