Digital Photography



The group meets the 4th Thursday of every month (except December as it clashes with Xmas) – from 1330-1600hrs.

Our normal meetings are held in the meeting room of the Bendigo Community Bank in Ringwood East.


As well as regular meetings at the Bendigo Bank venue we often have day trips to specific photographic locations.  Additionally, as opportunities present, we may invite a guest speaker to address the group.


We have been active since the inception of the Ringwood Clocktower Probus Club Inc. as one of the first convenor led groups.

The objective of the group is to help members begin the process of getting more out of the Digital Photography revolution though understanding their new Digital cameras and begin the process of developing and expanding group knowledge about photography in general.

We have held photographic exhibitions at a number of our birthday celebrations whilst also producing our annual club calendar.


Yes, we made it! Our visit to Eastland eventuated, with 14 members participating. Eventually, we were all in position to take photos.

Trevor had a little difficulty getting our security passes sorted but, finally, all was well. Each with our yellow stickers in place and at 1800 hours, with just one hour in which to take photos, we headed off in different directions, with Trevor’s plaintive cry “be back here at 1900 hours”. ‘Here’ was at the top of the escalators outside David Jones. Well, at the appointed time, we were all back ‘here’; at least, all but one was. It turned out that Herb had met some ‘nice people who were interested in what he was doing’. Meanwhile, everyone except Marg, who waited for Herb, had headed off either to the Food Hall or home.

From discussions, Herb eventually joined us in the Food Hall. We had all found something interesting to photograph, so we should see the results at our monthly meeting back in the Ringwood Community Bank on the 4th Thursday, 25th July.

Our next outdoor excursion is planned for The Redwood Forrest, just outside Warburton, on 22nd August.

If there are any new members, or even ‘mature’ club members, who would be interested in joining in, you would be most welcome. Just turn up at our next group meeting, always the 4th Thursday.

Happy snapping Don Gathercole

Members’ Photos

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Click here to see a selection of photos by Don Gathercole

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