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May Update

What a solitary time, what a time to look at aspects of your photography not previously visited. 

What an interesting  and, potentially fulfilling time, to discover different subjects we can explore and develop. But always, the corner stones of Lighting and Composition are integral in every photograph we take.

Practice makes perfect, and never more so than with our hobby of photography.  To this end, our group, under the guidance of John (Ballinger) have established a Flickr account. The object of which being for all of us to share results of our efforts with the Homework Projects proposed by Trevor and John.  (Thanks for your efforts guys).

It will be very interesting for us all to both contribute along as we progress with our ‘Homework’.

TAKE CARE, KEEP SAFE, KEEP WITH Social Distancing, and Hold Back on all you hugs and handshakes until all this Epidemic ‘Thingy’ is over.

Enjoy your time with your camera.

Happy snapping.  Don.

April  Update
Given the C-19 Pandemic, it’s rapid spread and implications for our age grouping, and linked in with the latest Governments directive in respect to Social Distancing, I have, following discussions, decided that it is pertinent we cancel our meeting.
Over the past week, I have been in regular contact with our venue hosts, Ringwood East Bendigo Community Bank, and today, following our Governments directive on Social Distancing, it became obvious that the room we use for our meeting was totally inadequate.
Subsequently, I agreed with the bank on our future monthly use,of their rooms, as follows. 
1. We cancel our meeting next week. 
2. They will hold open, all our previous bookings for the remainder of this year.
3. We maintain a watching brief.
4. On a month by month basis, we make a decision on our use of the Banks  
In the meantime we will maintain contact as required via email and Phone.  We can all think of, and implement, ideas for exercising our photographic interests and skills. 
This could be a real chance where Table Top exercises come into their own.  Set making, Lighting, Macro work from Insects to flowers along with the intimate parts thereof, to name a few. 
Perhaps we could look back through previous images that you particularly like, and then practice how you might improve it by judicious cropping,and or venture into the realms of Photoshop, Lightroom or similar programs. We have two members whom are particularly competent in this area and both would, I’m sure, be happy to discuss such matters over the phone. 
Trusting you all understand our situation, and the decision taken. 
We should all listen carefully to, and follow guidelines that now direct our lives  at this dangerous and stressful time.
Please feel free to call me as, or when ever you wish.
Best wishes to you all, and I look forward to a time, in the not too distant future, when we can share stories and resultant images from our individual journeys into Table top, or other photos you may have taken over the coming months.
Best regards   Don.


The group meets the 4th Thursday of every month (except December as it clashes with Xmas) – from 1330-1600hrs.

Our normal meetings are held in the meeting room of the Bendigo Community Bank in Ringwood East.


As well as regular meetings at the Bendigo Bank venue we often have day trips to specific photographic locations.  Additionally, as opportunities present, we may invite a guest speaker to address the group.


We have been active since the inception of the Ringwood Clocktower Probus Club Inc. as one of the first convenor led groups.

The objective of the group is to help members begin the process of getting more out of the Digital Photography revolution though understanding their new Digital cameras and begin the process of developing and expanding group knowledge about photography in general.

We have held photographic exhibitions at a number of our birthday celebrations whilst also producing our annual club calenda


Don Gathercole – 0409 657 306


Members’ Photos

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